Skin wrinkles are caused by loss of skin tension in time and are considered as a sign of old age. Therefore, in order to prevent wrinkles, some dermatological methods have emerged as a result of previous studies. Nowadays, anti-wrinkle treatments are applied to have a clearer skin and healthy skin. Wrinkle treatment is generally used to prevent wrinkles caused by mimics.

Skin wrinkles are caused by loss of elasticity of the skin over time. As a result of continuous and identical facial expressions, dynamic lines become permanent. As a result, the skin that has lost its elasticity makes the permanent mimics permanent. For this reason, wrinkle treatment is applied to prevent facial expressions from becoming permanent.

Dermatological Procedures For Skin Wrinkles

Wrinkles are intensified in areas where the lips and eyes around, eyebrows, foreheads, and mimics are often active. Especially wrinkles around the eyes are the most common and uncomfortable ones. Those who have wrinkles around the eyes want to find a solution to this problem as soon as possible.

Thanks to the technology developed for wrinkle treatments, it is ensured that the nerve endings are loosened in the skin where wrinkles are present. Thus, the secretion of acetylcholine, which causes wrinkling is prevented.

Extract Your Beauty With Wrinkle Treatments Thanks to the components in the face can be applied to people of all ages with dynamic lines of the substance, after 48-72 hours after the application to show the effect of wrinkles are removed.

Permanent Effect Up To 6 Months With Wrinkle Remover Treatment

Treatment, which is painless and easy compared to other aesthetic applications, will start to show its effect after a few days and will be fully functional on the 10th day. With this application, a permanent treatment lasting up to 6 months is provided. This application is performed in a short time without pain and without anesthesia. For sensitive skin, an effective anesthetic cream is applied 30 minutes before the application. Thus, the pain is minimized.

Caution For After Wrinkle Remover Treatment!

An operating room environment is not needed for the application of skin wrinkle treatments. Therefore, there is no need to stay in control at any rest or clinic after the application. However, it is recommended not to drink alcohol for 1 day after application, not to clean the skin with cleaners containing alcohol, not to wash the face with too hot or too cold water, and not to shower. You can return to your daily life immediately after the application. In order not to change the distribution of injected toxin, these areas should not be touched or massaged for 6-8 hours. During this period, it should not be dormant and stay in an upright position. After the anti-wrinkle treatment, the small blisters and red spots caused by the injection will be completely removed within a few hours. You can return to your daily life immediately after the application. Contact us to get more detailed information about wrinkle remover treatment!

Wrinkle Remover Treatment These treatments help your skin maintain a tense appearance and help you get a clearer skin by avoiding signs of old age.