Peeling is the process of removing and cleaning the dead layer and cells from the skin, which becomes a layer on the skin. Although this can be done in the home environment, the peeling in the home is not fully efficient and the dead layers and cells in some areas of the skin cannot be removed. As a result, the clean and dirty areas on the skin can be noticeably noticeable.

Carbon peeling is a kind of professional exfoliation that provides solutions in high-end and long-term by laser dermatologists. In carbon peeling application, carbon liquid is applied to the peeling area. After the end of the driving process, wait for 10 minutes and proceed with the laser intervention.

In the case of laser carbon peeling, sudden heat waves are sent. Thanks to these heat waves, the carbon liquid combines with the dead layer on the skin and the dead and dirty layer becomes easier to peel off by the evaporation. After application, the regeneration and luster in the skin becomes noticeably noticeable.

Effects Of Carbon Peelling

This process, which is similar to the chemical peeling process but is more efficient, stimulates the skin cells and makes the skin rejuvenate and tighten. With the application of dermotologists, a full regeneration of the skin can be achieved with sessions performed between 6 and 10 sessions with one-week intervals. Even though simple skin rashes occur in the delicate skin after the session, they are temporary and do not pose a significant problem. People who have large pores, acne or stained skin structure can benefit from this special peeling process thanks to the adaptable carbon peeling.

Carbon Peeling With Carbon Peeling treatment, you can remove your skin from stains. Contact us for cleared pores and a lively look and get the price immediately!