People have been tattooing their bodies since ancient times. At the same time, people are trying so hard to remove those tattoos. In many tattoo applications today, fluids that provide color are usually placed in the middle of the skin. Thanks to the right laser treatment to be applied, the concentrated dye in this area is broken down and removed by the body.

According to the skin structure of the person, removal can be done in 3-6 sessions, in approximately 4-8 week intervals.

Do The Tattoo Disappear Completely?

Generally, according to the results of the applied methods of tattoo, 95 percent of the tattoo is eliminated. The quality of the tattoo paint is very important. Tattoo can be removed in 5-6 sessions or if the quality is high, it takes 8-9 sessions.

At the same time, the amateur tattoos can be easily removed, while the professional tattoos take more time.

Can All The Tattoos Be Removed?

Laser beams of different intensity are used, depending on the color of the tattoo. Red and black tattoos can be completely removed. And green and blue colored tattoos can be removed significantly.

However, permanent results can be obtained with different wavelengths for each color. To remove black color 1064 nm, for yellow-blue with 585 nm, for green with 650 and red with 532 nm wavelength is used.

Does It Have Any Side Effects?

As a consequence of the laser application, very simple allergic reactions may occur on the skin from time to time. These allergies can be seen more frequently in the process of erasing the tattoos in color red. The area where the laser is applied can be darkened or lightened for a short time.

For complete disappearance of the paint, 6 weeks is needed. This period may vary depending on the type of ink used and the structure of the skin.

Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal is a dermatological treatment that removes the undesirable tattoos with laser beams. Contact us now to learn more!