Technology is advancing rapidly with important developments in health sector as in every field. Technological advances that are of vital importance for human health are the remedy for many diseases in the medical field. One of the issues that people feel uncomfortable about is excessive perspiration, which is called hyperhidrosis. Excessive sweating is not a disease or health problem. However, some people complain about the intensity of this sweating and seek medical intervention methods to reduce this intensity. Generally, excessive sweating, which is seen regionally, is most common in the armpits, hands, feet and sweating complaints can be resolved by many methods. Causes of perspiration include extreme temperatures, stress moments. The most common complaint people complain about is the armpit area. This form of sweating, which can both disturb the person and the other person, is so intense that in some cases people want to cure and get rid of this situation. Underarm sweating treatment cannot be terminated for some time but can be eliminated for some time.

Stop Excessive Perspiration Temporary

Toxin application method applied in many people around the world is preferred in our country as a solution to excessive sweating. In particular, the toxin applied to the underarm area may be able to stay away from sweating for a long period of six months.

This situation, which renews itself again in the future, relieves you for a while with toxin application. This method, which can cause pain when applied to the hand and foot regions, does not cause any pain formation if applied under the seat. With these anesthesia creams to be used before the procedure can be less pain.

Armpit Perspiring

Treatment of armpit sweat is a useful dermatological practice for those suffering from sweat problems. You can get the price by contacting us for armpit sweating.