Acoustic wave therapy is a system that uses the body’s own natural mechanisms. It is used for regional slimming, tightening of tissues and treating cellulite.

How Is Awt Applied?

AWT is applied to the desired area with special caps after applying cold gel. Application is made to all areas with localized fat accumulation such as hip, forearm, leg, belly.

How Does Awt Affects The Body?

Acoustic waves provide an ideal body shaping option. Acoustic waves are sound waves much higher than the ambient pressure. These waves target fat cell membranes. These high-pressure sound waves provide the breakdown of fat cell membranes. They accumulate in intercellular space. Lymphatic and blood circulation systems remove them from their environment.

Research shows AWT has body shaping and buttocks tightening effect and results with tighter legs and smoother skin surface.

What Causes Cellulite?

High-calorie nutrition, lack of exercise and hormonal effects cause cellulite which causes many women to suffer. Women have between 21 to 22 billion fat cells as a genetic trait while this number is about 17 billion to 18 billion in males. The reason for this is that women’s fat cells function as energy reserves during pregnancy.

Expanding fat cells create protrusions on the skin surface, creating the typical orange peel appearance on the skin. Nonelastic and aged collagen bands form pits because they cannot stretch.

AWT improves the destruction of fat cells and increases the formation of new collagen which contains high elastin. By increasing its elasticity and recovering its natural elasticity, long-term improvement is achieved in the skin.

For Whom AWT Is Not Applicable?

Patients with severe cardiovascular disorders, implanted cardiac electrodes, pregnant women and those who use blood thinners.

How Many Sessions of AWT Is Needed?

The number of sessions varies according to the area of the application, the rate of fat in the region and the tonus loss in the region.

Awt Thinning Treatment

Acoustic wave therapy is a system that uses the body’s own natural mechanisms. It is used for tightening of tissues and treating cellulite. Contact us now to get more information about AWT.