Acne is a common problem that many people face in their life time, especially in adolosence and puberty. Acne may occur in different periods and in different parts of the body. This disease, which is usually seen in the upper part of the face, neck, back and arms, affects the psychology of the person negatively.

Factors that Affect The Formation of Acne

Environmental factors, especially stres, negativity and irregularity of life affects the formation of acne. Acne may look like rash or infection and it is a common disease that can occur until the age of 40.

Acne is Treatable

Based on the stage of the acne, one or more laser treatments can be used to get rid of it. With the use of laser treatment, dead cells in the skin can be removed with superficial peeling and by this way the oil glands that cause acne formation gets smaller.

It Increases During Puberty

The secretion of hormones that helps the growth of the body increases during puberty. They also trigger the formation of acne.

Early treatment of the acnes that formed during this period can help them heal without leaving permanent marks and spots.

The laser beams used during acne treatment are applied directly to the acne of the patient with different wavelengths, eliminate the acne and prevent the formation of new pimples.

Your Health is Important

Regardless of their age, pimples demoralise people. And the treatment is very sensitive and must be done with attention. You have to attend every appointment and be patient to achieve your goals.

What Are Acne Treatments?

The treatment of acne changes completely from person to person. It can be creams, also known as local treatments that the patient uses on her/his face together with the cleaning products. It can also be systemic treatments such as oral antibiotics, hormones or vitamin A derivatives.

With correct treatment, the acne is completely healed without any problem, but in some patients it may result with traces in the skin.

How Do You Use Local Treatments For Acne Treatment?

Drugs that are in the form of a cream are called local treatments and they should be used with cleansers. It should be remembered that the treatment will be long lasting when these type of medications are used. The average usage of these local treatments is 3 months. Quitting the treatment early or quitting after several weeks extends the healing period. And often these products are applied not only on the pimples but on the whole face.

What Shouldn’t I Use During Acne Treatment?

The patient shouldn’t clean his/her face frequently. Morning and evening cleaning is enough and this cleaning should be based on water, you should avoid oil based products. Pimple is a skin disease and medical products should be used.

When are Improvements Seen in Acne Treatment?

Acne treatment is a long-term treatment. It should not be forgotten that the effect of this treatments can be seen after 6-8 weeks. Although it varies with the medication used in oral treatments, treatment can continue for 3-8 months.

Who Gets Acne?

Acne usually begins in adolescence and ends at the age of 25 years. Even though it occurs less frequently, it can also be seen in the 30s and 40s.

When to Treat Acne?

Although it is common and cause more cosmetic problems, every patient who has acne should take appropriate treatment according to the severity of her acne.

What Happens If Acne is Not Treated?

If the pimples are not treated properly, they may cause different types of traces that are very difficult to treat.

What Should I Do To Prevent Acne?

Foods with high glycemic index, milk and dairy products can increase breakouts. In the morning you may need to do a proper skin cleansing and if necessary a local treatment recommended by your doctor.

Is It Right To Squeeze An Acne?

It is not the right approach to treat acne and it can cause more problems.

It is not the right approach to treat acne and it can cause more problems.

There are many treatments for acne scars. These are treatments that provide reconstruction of the skin, such as needle radiofrequency, fractional carbon dioxide. Depending on the area and the severity of the traces of the patient, it can be decided which treatment will be applied.

With acne treatment, you can purify your skin from emerging acne spots. Contact us now to prevent permanent marks on your skin!