Blood vessels in our body and vitally vital veins are built around our body as a network. Problems in the body due to various reasons can occur in the vessels that provide circulation of dirty blood and clean blood. The most common problem with the vessel is capillary fracture and varix.

Varicose veins are usually a vascular disease in the legs. The veins in the leg reach the heart to clean the dirty blood in the body. This process is quite difficult due to the fact that it is opposite to gravity and follows a long way.

When dirty blood does not go to the heart, it accumulates in the vein and causes the vessel to expand. The enlarged vein causes the leg to swell. This expansion of the vein is called an event.

The answer to the cause of varicose veins is to wait still for long hours, genetic features and overweight. Those who have varicose disease often experience pain and pity in their legs. They feel the need to rest by stretching their legs upwards.

Varicose veins are used to prevent the heirs of early detection. However, if there is not enough benefit and the problem increases, it can be applied to varicose treatment centers.

Capillary Treatment Via Laser

Capillary fracture is a varicose vein and is very different from varicose varieties in the legs. It is mostly found on the nose and cheek. The capillaries, which are too small to be felt by hand, are noticeable when they turn red, blue and green and this is a sign of vascular diseases and problems. You can apply laser capillary therapy to prevent these problems. In the laser treatment method, small vessels are given sudden and high heat. For patients with needle phobia and allergic reactions, laser therapy is performed in 2 sessions and capillary problems are resolved.

Varicose Veins Treatment

Treatment of varicose veins is one of the medical dermatological methods. You can contact us to end the pain you feel because of your varicose veins.