What Is Regional Slimming?

It is an application that works completely focused on fat, selects the oil in the area and makes it disappear by decreases it equally. Contactless aesthetic is the patented name of the first and only selective radiofrequency device applied without contact.

Selective radiofrequency technology is a new technology that distinguishes the fat from skin and muscle. Since the application is applied without being in contact with the person completely, its name is patented as contactless aesthetics and has no equivalent. For this reason, it is called as regional thinning or regional slimming among the people.

About Regional Slimming Technology

With the contactless aesthetic technology, BTL device can differentiate between the resistance of the muscle, fat and skin in the applied area according to the cellular water attitude. If it is done with expert control, the system selects the fat in the field itself and selects it to become evenly small and eventually disappear. Thus, regional slimming occurs. In doing so, it does not damage the surrounding tissues because of its selectivity in fat.

How Is Regional Slimming Applied?

Two different headers are used in contactless aesthetics. The larger cap is designed to contain all abdominal areas, including all sides of the abdomen. It has the widest range of applications at the present time. This method is very popular for people who want to decrease their belly fat.

The other header is designed to work in thinner areas like fats over knee or the hipline. This way it offers a solution for those who want to lose weight fast. This method is ideal for those who want to slim down their hipline.

After the preliminary examination, the physician will complete the consultation form. Photos of the area that the application will happen are taken and measurements are taken. Body water index is measured with another instrument. The amount of water in the body changes the amount of fat burned during the process. The higher the quantitiy of water the more effective the application is. That’s why it it recommended to drink minimum 2.5 liters of water per day, starting from 3 days before the application.

All information is added to the patient’s card and the physician will specify how many minutes the application will take place depending on the area and enter that information to the system.

This time varies from 30 minutes to 45 minutes for the belly area. In case of excess fat in the application area, required time is 30 minutes. In case of low fat, application takes 45 minutes. The reason for the inverse proportion is that when the fat in the area is low, the machine selects the fat more easily.

Leg thinning application takes 20 minutes for one leg.

Regional Slimming Applies Temperature to Skin

The headers are placed about a finger away from the person, facing the application area.And they do not touch the person.

The system informs the user of how much of the fat in the application area is selected and the process continues in this way. During the application, the person will only feel a little temperature and it does not disturb them.

The skin surface will warm up to 40-42 degrees Celsius and beneath the skin, fat will warm up to 48-52 degrees Celsius. The warmed up fat will shrink and disappear in the body’s energy cycle. Since the skin surface is heated during the process, the skin does not sag when the fat is reduced. Therefore, a healthy slimming process takes place. Heat will stay inside for approximately one and a half to two hours after the application.

When to Apply Again?

Contactless aesthetic procedure has proven to be an alternative application to liposuction in clinical trials. It provides a significant reduction of the fat in the application area. Therefore, the re-formation of fat in the application area is not possible in the short term.

If there is no change in the diet of the person and no hormonal difference, fattening is not observed in the same area after the application. Therefore repeated application is not required, but if the person is very overweight, he or she can have a 4-session regional slimming procedure again after 6 months.

”I’m Overweight, Can I Do Regional Weight Loss?“

For those who say “I am very overweight and want to lose weight”, one of the fastest weight loss methods is contactless aesthetics. It is known that some of the applications of regional thinning systems are not suitable for certain weights as they are created to form the fat. Since the BTL Vanquish ME system works as fat-focused, the fact that there is too much fat in the application area is something that is desired, and the more fat there is in the area the better.

Slimming Can Also Be Used For Thin Person’s Desired Region

The BTL Vanquish ME system can select the fat in the area of application based on the body’s cellular water attitude. If the person’s hydration is sufficient, the system can select the excess fat in one place even if the person is thin and it can create warmth focused only on the fat. Therefore, you can get rid of excess fat in a single area.

Is It Useful for Postpartum Weights?

Regional slimming practice is not done to nursing mothers. Regional slimming in the breastfeeding period is not suitable, but at the end of this period, the results can be obtained by reducing fats around the leg and waist.

“Will It Work For Me?”

The BTL Vanquish ME system is used in more than 1000 clinics in 53 different countries around the world. It is a system with long-term results and its results are proven by clinical studies. It proved its effect by MR and ultrason images.

In this way, the US Health Organization FDA gave the Circumferantial Fat Reduction Approval and Internal Thigh and Saddle Bags Fat Reduction Approval.

When Are The Results of The Regional Treatment Shown?

If the person’s hydration value is above 60%, the results can be seen from the first session and if it is around 50% it can be shown from the second session. It takes 3 months for the body to adjust, slimming continues for 3 months.

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Regional Slimming Therapy

Regional slimming treatment provides a reduction in the body fat by sending heat to the body. You can contact us and get the price immediately for regional slimming treatment.