As with various skin problems, skin wrinkles also begin to appear in the human body with age. Skin beauty, which is one of the cosmetic properties of dermatology, is tried to be protected with many methods and one of these studies is filling treatment.

Filler Treatment For Skin Fractures

Skin wrinkles are one of the most common skin problems. One of the reasons for this is the importance given to the aesthetic appearance.

To eliminate the wrinkles in the face area, there has always been some methods. Nowadays, filling treatment is the leading method for the treatment of wrinkles.

Convenience Of Filler Treatment

Filler applications are more economical than surgical applications and can be applied in a clinic. It does not create any hardship in work or social life, that’s why its use is increased in recent years. Nowadays, it is a skin treatment that is preferred by two out of ten women.

Hyaluronic acid, which is used as filling material in this treatment, is the most common filling material used in the world to remove wrinkles. Filling treatment is a practice with the highest -100%- success rate.

What Are The Application Areas Of Filler Treatment?

Patients are a little uneasy about the practices they did not have before. Especially to the applications done with needles people approach with caution.

Most people ask “How do you apply Filler Treatment?”, “How will I look after the treatment?” and cannot be sure about the application without learning the answers to such questions. But there is nothing to feel uneasy about. It is unlikely that dermatological applications performed under the supervision of specialists will cause undesirable results.

The areas where filling treatment is frequently applied are usually around the face. Wrinkles on the nose and mouth corners, wrinkles between mouth and jaw, vertical lines around of the lips, cheeks that are in need of some filling are some of the application areas of the treatment.

Lip filling is one of the most commonly used methods of filling today. In this application, both the operation is short and it is perceived as the most safe practice for the patients. However, other filler applications are as easy as the lip filling.

Nowadays filling applications are rapidly becoming popular. These therapies attract patients due to the fact that the patients obtain results in a very short time and they do not feel any need for isolation their in daily life. Thanks to these applications, the number of patients requiring surgery is also decreasing.

Why Do We Need The Filler?

As our age progresses, hyaluranic acid, which is the substance that shows our skin alive and young, decreases. Therefore, our lips become smaller with age and the number of wrinkles increase.

Aging increases sagging, deepens in our pores and wrinkles. With recent technologies, hyaluranic acid in the skin can be increased and we can reverse the time.

Eye Bag Filer

Eyes are the regions that show the age of the person and show the earliest symptoms of old age immediately. Volume loss becomes more evident when loss begins under the eye. Especially with age, the bones become more distant from each other and bags under eye can become more apperant. Holes under the eye can be filled and more vivid and young look can be obtained.

Lip Filler

Lip filling can be done for many reasons. The procedure for adding volume to the thin lips is one of the most common reasons for having fillers.

Plump lips has always been indispensable for the aesthetic image.

The loss of tissue becomes more evident in our lips and with age. The fullness of the lips can be restored and the time can be reversed. Existing asymmetric look can also be removed by lip filling.

Cheek Filler

When we look at the photographs of our youth, we can quickly notice the loss of soft tissue on the cheekbones. When our face sag and löse the battle against gravity, cheekbones need filling. The face gains its round shape after filler injections on the cheekbones. Our more voluminous and fuller cheeks make our fight against gravity easier. Cheek filling plays an important role in preventing the psychological impact that time has on us.

Jaw Filler

To achieve the correct aesthetic appearance, the whole face must be proportional to each other not just the individual regions. Jaw-end filling applications have recently given a new breath to the aesthetic view. Patients with a small jaw tip are particularly uncomfortable with their side profile and complain that their noses look larger.

This is very true. Jaw filling is a solution to those who have such complaints. It is easy to have the desired image thanks to the fillings placed in a short time as 15-20 minutes.

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Filler Treatment

Filler treatment, which has both medical and aesthetic purposes, helps you protect your youthful appearance and effectively combats problems such as excessive sweating.