Hair loss is the thinning, local or complete loss of hair. It can occur in females and males of any age. It is mainly harmless but sometimes may be an indicator or a side effect of a disease.

Why Do We Lose Hair?

Hair loss may be caused by a variety of reason. In fact, even though it is rare, sometimes we might not find the reason for the hair loss. The answer to the question ‘Why do we lose hair’ may surprise many. Most of the time, it is diseases which people cannot connect with the hair loss is what causes the hair loss.

Goiter is one of them. People with goiter may experience hair loss. Hair loss during pregnancy, though not common, is something that may occur. Hair loss may increase during the three months after the birth. Continuous diet is also another cause of hair loss.

The mistakes in dietary habits and irregular eating habits are also causes of hair loss. Genetics, wrong shampoo and conditioner may also cause hair loss.

Early treatment, like in many other problems, is important in hair loss treatments. During the treatment of hair loss, firstly the new hair loss is prevented. Roots of the existing hair are strenghtened. This way, the further loss of hair is tried to be prevented. In some cases, the lost hair may be regained. However, this is not a full solution for all hair loss cases.

To Prevent Hair Loss

The person should make effort to prevent the hair loss and pay attention to it. Hair brushing should not be done roughly and proper brushes with appropriate tooth space should be used. It is wrong to tightly tie the hair.

Hair should not be left dirty. Using appropriate hair shampoo and conditioner regularly to wash the hair would prevent the hair loss. Consuming fresh fruit and vegetables is important for healthy hair. If the body cannot get enough vitamins, it would lose the hair first. Not getting enough fluids would also have adverse effects on hair follicles.

Hair Loss

Hair loss is a dermatologic problem caused by unhealthy hair follicles and it is possible to treat with the help of a specialist. Contact us for our prices.