Stem cell or in other saying Fibrocell treatment is a treatment method getting cells from patient’s own tissue. Thanks to this method, skin wounds, burnts, wrinkles, birthmarks and so on can be treatable. During this operation Fibroblast cells are replicated in loboratory environment.

Fibroblasts are the cells which produce collagen protein to get brighter, younger and firm skin thanks to renovating ligaments. When fibroblasts decrease or not be produced, skin will be saggy.

This treatment method is fully trustworthy and don’t have any side effect. It can reduce the ageing effects and skin problems safely.

How To Implement Fibrocell (Stem Cell) Treatment?

Fibrocell treatment is very precision operation which has to be done by expert dermatologists. Treatment starts with getting tissue sample 3 mm in diameter from patient’s antitragus. This tissue is replicated organically in loboratory environment without genetically modification, after has taken with Punch biopsy. Replication process continues during 4 weeks generally, and then Fibrocell treatment can be started.

Count of these replicated fibroblast cells reaches 60- 120 millions. After reaching this count, cells are injected to problematical skin area with 3 sessions. In every sessions, 20-30 millions new cells are injekted to skin. This kind of stem cell treatment is more lasting than other esthetics operations.

Stem Cell Treatment

Stem cell treatment is also used to have a young skin! It is counted the primary in natural dermatologic methods.

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