Facelift without surgery methods have many variety in it. Although it seems like only one implementation, actually it is a youthening category which have a body of implementations based on different technologies.

It can be said that “without surgery methods” are in demand recently. Because of being contemporary implementations, they are gotten attention by women and especially facelift without surgery can be implemented shortly after saggy face and saggy jowl begin. One more advantage is that patients can get back into circulation at the same day.

From past to present, ultrasound was used for pregnants in safety. Todays focused ultrasound method is used for erase ageing effects as the most riskless and easy way especially with the growing technologies.

How To Implement

Generally, sound-waves are given to skin for increasing amount of collagen. This waves lead to some damages to release enough amount of collagen. Upper layer of skin is not affected mostly. The main point is collagen detection by stimulating skin.

Implementation Process And After

Implementation duration may be changeable within 30- 60 minutes based on range of application. It’s effects on skin will mature after about 3 months. To maintenance these effects, the implementation has to be repeated in every 2 years.

Focused Ultrasound

You can have tight facial contours with focused ultrasound application, without surgery.

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