Face lifting by using rope techniques have been increasingly used in recent years. Especially for patients who are looking real and looking for a natural result, the fact that they can be applied without cut and in a short time has increased the popularity of these applications.

Rope Face Lift / Spider Web Aesthetics

Who can benefit from this application? Anyone with sagging and volume loss can benefit from this application. Especially, patients who have mid-face sagging over 30 years of age, sagging in the jaw line, loose tissue problems on the neck and eyebrow lowers can benefit.

How to Implement?

Necessary areas are marked in the problematic regions before the application. The number of cones to be used according to the need and the hanging technique are determined based on individual. The application is terminated in a short time such as 30 minutes after the regional anesthesia of the ropes is completed and the skin is cleaned.

What Should We Pay Attention After Application?

Patients can immediately return to social life. After the application, antibiotic cream should be applied to the entry and exit points 2 times a day for 5 days, shouldn’t be prone for 5 days. Excessive movements such as chewing gum and eating apples should be avoided for 3 weeks. Massage should not be done for 3 weeks, should not do sports and the region should be protected from the sun.

Does The Application Have Any Side Effects?

Edema, swelling, skin irregularity, dimple formation can be seen in the regions. All of these effects occur and pass within a few days.

What is rope face lift, why is it done? With the decrease in the amount of collagen in our face with age, our mid-face region moves downwards due to the effect of gravity; Our facial ovality is deteriorated and sagging on our face. Rope lifting is the method of suspension of the patients who do not want to undergo surgery because of the ropes placed in the hanging areas in as little as half an hour.

What products are used in the face lift? There are many different ropes produced for the rope lifting operation. The most important feature of these ropes is that they are compatible with human tissue and over time they melt under the skin. This stimulates the production of collagen when the ropes melt, thus increasing the quality of the skin. There are two types of rope used mainly. These are Polylactic acid and Polydioxan (PDO). The melting times of these ropes are 8-12 weeks. Both ropes are compatible with human tissue.

Which Actions Are Called The Face Hanger?

Facial lifting with rope, rejuvenation with rope, rejuvenation with rope, facial lifting without surgery, rejuvenation without surgery, face lift treatment with rope, v-lift, ultra v-lift.

How To Do A Face Lift Treatment?

The face of the patient is evaluated before the procedure. Depending on the degree of sagging, the regions where the face will be recovered vectorially are marked and the application is started. First, the face is cleaned to be sterile. The points where the ropes are applied are anesthetized with a needle. Ropes are placed in the connective tissue about 5mm below the skin. After the necessary stretching, the ropes are cut.

Is The Non-Surgical Face Lifting Process Painful?

The patient does not feel pain because it is locally anesthetized before the procedure.

Is The Face Lifting Process Permanent?

Placed ropes are absorbed under the skin in time. Therefore, it should be done at certain periodic intervals.

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